Our mission is to elevate our clients and partners’ returns to the highest peak of their growth potential by bridging the gap between capital sources and CRE opportunities.

Through deep expertise in commercial real estate funding, commercial banking and venture funding, Peak 15 Capital brings in-depth knowledge and understanding of the capital markets and an extensive network of institutions and alternative capital sources.

We understand that the world of Commercial Real Estate has changed and will continue to evolve during and after Covid-19. Our ingrained approach to the universe of sponsors and operators allows us to stay on the pulse of our industry and connect the right capital with the right opportunity despite the challenges facing various markets.

About Peak 15 Capital

Peak 15 Capital leads clients in sourcing & securing equity capital as well as mezzanine and preferred equity for a variety of funding projects in commercial real estate, startups as well as other pursuits across the country.

01. Purpose

We serve a purpose to lead our clients through identifying and understanding capital stack needs and formulating strategic funding today.

02. Sources

We understand that any funding is not the key to your sustainable growth, but the proper funding for your projects to continue your path of increase.

03. Business

We believe that a thriving business begins with relationships and partnerships. We are not just a serving hand, we are your partner.
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Founder and Managing Partner

John Azar

Partner, Head of Investments

Francisco Herrera


Jim Froehlich

Managing Director

Neil Nagib

Investor Relations Manager

Peter Vermette

Director of Acquisitions

Bo Depaoli

Peak 15 Capital Fund I - FAQ's

Peak 15 Capital leads clients in sourcing & securing equity capital as well as mezzanine and preferred equity for a variety of funding projects in commercial real estate, startups as well as other pursuits across the country.

What kind of assets will you be buying?

We will be targeting multifamily assets in the Southeast and Sun Belt. We prefer assets with some sort of value-add component which means that we will likely be buying B-class assets in good neighborhoods. The size of these deals can be anywhere from $5M-$30M in total deal size.

Will my money be locked into this fund for 7 years?

While it is possible that we do not liquidate the entire portfolio until year 7, we underwrite our deals to a 3-5 year hold and we will be giving out distributions as we have dispositions.

When should I expect my first distribution?

We pay our distributions quarterly. For many projects, it is possible that distributions do not get paid out until after the stabilization of the asset. We believe in radical transparency, and we will be in touch with all of our investors on when an asset will be closing and when stabilization will occur.

How do you know when it is a good time to sell?

We underwrite for a 3-5 year hold as a standard, but there are many factors that could change how long we decide to hold onto an asset. If we are offered a fantastic price just 2 years into the hold, we will take it. If the product is still producing exceptional cash flows at year 4, we may decide to hold onto that asset for a while longer. Another factor in this decision is the debt. Many debt structures have an interest-only period before the debt payments become much more expensive. We will be taking all of these factors into consideration when making disposition decisions. Again, we believe in radical transparency and will be in touch with investors every step of the way.

How will the fund manager get paid?

Good question! Up until a 6% IRR, all money will go back to the investors; this is what it means to pay a preferred return. Between 6-14% IRR, there will be an 80/20 split between our investors and the fund manager, and then after 14% IRR, the split changes to a 60/40. This fund is structured as favorably as possible to the investors in the fund. Not only that, but we will also be invested into the fund just like our investors. We put our money where our mouth is.

What is the timeline for your fund closing?

We will be raising for the next 10-12 months but we could have separate closings along the way to be able to start deploying capital into deals without waiting until we finish the raise.

Will there be several capital calls or will you call everything at once?

We expect several capital calls along the way if you partially fund your investment. Unless you choose to fund your entire investment upon subscribing, which a lot of our investors have chosen to do.

Do you have case examples of the deals and operators you are doing Co-GP with?

We would be more than happy to share sample deals and materials on our selected partners. Feel free to reach out to anyone on our team via email and we will connect with you.

What are the top 3 advantages of investing in your fund?

Diversification of investment - which in turns creates better safety and reduction of Beta (measure of risk)

Economic returns of a General Partner / Principal while investing as a Limited Partner

Tax efficiency - you will receive the same tax advantages as you would when you invest in a single asset syndication
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