Leveraging the same grit, fortitude, and perseverance as the early alpinists, Peak 15 is setting out to create new pathways between capital sources and commercial real estate sponsors for exceptional returns.    

Peak 15 Capital started perhaps 20 years before it was founded. The Founder, John Azar, recognized a disconnect in the capital markets space when he was involved in a previous venture called Boston Venture Partners.  The alignment between capital and commercial real estate projects has been fraught with unaligned interests and understanding of the business and acquisition cycle. 

John created Peak 15Capital to address these alignment issues and have a capital advisory platform that is accessible, aligned with sponsors/operators, creative with capital solutions, responsive without the pressure and delivers on projects with success. 

The name Peak 15 is the topographical numeric name of Mount Everest. It is what early surveyors and mountaineer enthusiasts called Mount Everest prior to its current name in 1852. The mountain changed name to Everest in 1865 after Sir George Everest, a British surveyor General of India.

Our Mission


At Peak 15 Capital we strive to be strategically aligned with all our stakeholders. Our alignment stems from our ability to understand both side of the equation from capital sources to operating sponsors and syndicators.  Our deep understanding of our industry is rooted in a passion for multifamily investing as well as over two decades and over a billion dollars in transactional experience by key principles of our firm.

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e care about our community of sponsors, and we have a social responsibility for the communities we effect through all our investments.  As we grow and expand our footprint and partners, we hope to create a more sustainable model for community philanthropy.

Our Culture & Partnership
  • We are agile throughout incremental or disruptive shifts in market dynamics.
  • We are anchored in deep rooted expertise and experience of strategic acquisitions and funding
  • We are unwavering with alignment between sponsors, syndicators, operators, developers, and passive investors.
  • We are committed to results that are extraordinary and outpace industry standards (or norms).


John Azar is Peak 15 Capital's Founder and Managing Partner, dedicated to helping other CRE operators and sponsors with their capital stack.

John is the Founder and Managing Partner of Peak 15 Capital. A capital advisory and syndication firm servicing commercial real estate operators and sponsors in identifying, sourcing & securing their capital stack. John is also a Managing Member of MACC Venture Partners, a Southeast focus owner/operator of multifamily assets.  In his leadership of Peak 15, he directs strategic development, investor and client growth, and new acquisitions and syndications. He also heads the investment committee, capital management and growth.  John is also the head of the Peak 15 Coaching program for new syndicators and sponsors.

Previously he was a co-Founder and Managing Partner of Boston Venture Partners (BVP), a private equity consulting and finance firm based in Boston specializing in real estate development, and structured finance.  At BVP he worked on a cumulative portfolio of $1.8 Billion spanning from Boston to Miami as well as London. His previous roles as an equity trader and commercial banker in financial institutions and banks such as Bank of America and Morgan Stanley provided an integral understanding of debt and equity markets as well as deal structure, honing his skills and insights into the critical planning issues relevant to growing successful companies.

John is a podcaster and Co-Host of his own podcast called Breaking Resistance as well as being a regular guest speaker in various commercial real estate conferences and Podcasts.  John serves on the boards of directors of several non-profit and for-profit organizations. He holds a BA from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte and an MBA from Boston University Questrom School of Business.

Francisco Herrera is Peak 15 Capital's Managing Director, dedicated to sourcing and vetting new deal opportunities and institutional-grade equity sources, and leads due diligence and financial analysis.

Francisco Herrera is the Managing Director at Peak 15 Capital, where he brings a unique and strategic approach for Business Development and Operations. Francisco leads the deal sourcing and vetting process, financial analysis, day-to-day operations and business development.

In 2016, Francisco began his career in the industry as a Realtor in Orange County, CA. He used the experience he gained with market trends, property management operations, and strategies toward income producing properties to advance into the financial and multifamily sector.

During this time, he worked alongside one of the most successful commercial real estate operators in the industry, John Azar.

Under the management of John Azar, Francisco developed a unique and competitive approach for strategic business development, which he now deploys at Peak 15 Capital.

Francisco is based out of the Greater Los Angeles area and is also a podcaster and Co-Host alongside John Azar in their show called Breaking Resistance.

Jim Froehlich is Peak 15 Capital's Director, dedicated to vetting deal opportunities, due diligence, deal structure, financial & market analysis, and company systems and processes.

Jim Froehlich is the Northeast Director for Peak 15 Capital and also serves as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Peritus Ventures, where he is responsible for finding and vetting deal opportunities, due diligence, deal structure, financial & market analysis, and company systems and processes.

Having recently served as Director of Acquisitions & Development for a private firm, Jim understands and excels at the full spectrum of private equity real estate deals to include Acquisitions, Syndications, Development, Investor Management, Equity Growth, Marketing, and Asset Management.

Jim has in depth expertise in Systems Engineering, Program Management, and Intelligence Operations executing technical projects across a myriad of Homeland Defense, Security, and Law Enforcement agencies. Jim has managed hundreds of people, dozens of teams, and over $500 million worth of projects during his 25+ year career.

Jim graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology and is a veteran of the United States Air Force and is based out of New Hampshire, where he also lives with his wife of 26 years; Jim has two adult sons and enjoys writing, competitive sports/games, and spending time outdoors. He also hosts Podcasts4Patriots where he interviews veterans and active duty military who are successful real estate investors and is a GP on over $450 million worth of real estate (for rent and ongoing development).

Chad Matta is Peak 15 Capital's Director, dedicated to sales strategy, working with institutional brokers, and assisting with risk management assessments.

Chad is a capital markets professional and entrepreneur, combining over 10 years’ experience in Sales Strategy, Technology and Operations and over 13 years managing and directing start-ups and established firms within Financial Services on operational efficiencies, liquidity and technical optimization as well as back office solutions.

At Box Financial FX a tier-one and two retail brokerage consultancy firm based in Dubai, Chad led the firm’s acquisition strategy targeting institutional and retail brokers with technology solutions such as bridging APIs (price feed and reporting), risk management algorithms, CRM integration and implementation, online marketing strategies such as lead generation, tracking and analytics.

In addition to his broad experience in operations, Chad also led a capital raise process successfully securing multi millions in investments to architect and develop a Digital Asset Exchange. Chad has added experience within cryptocurrencies, starting in early 2017 with the development of a unique mining rig and mining strategy which gave him the foundation knowledge and experience of digital assets, that he has since built on since joining Peak 15 Capital.

Neil Nagib is Peak 15 Capital's Managing Director, specializing in developing sustainable residential communities and mixed-use development programs that foster urbanity.

Neill offers nearly 25 years of business acumen and over a decade of international experience working alongside some of the world’s most ambitious real estate developers and planners. Neill specializes in developing sustainable residential communities and mixed-use development programs that foster urbanity.

To that end, he has advised large scale developers, semi-governmental organizations and community stakeholders - guiding them through public reviews and approvals.  His vast experience includes Urban Planning to develop fully integrated communities, Management Consulting while advising Fortune 100 organizations, Asset repositioning and optimization by leading  the acquisition, redevelopment and repositioning of underperforming, multi-family assets to generate increased rent roll and occupancies generating satisfactory IRR for investors and growing AUM for a value-add fund.

Neill in addition has experience in Public Private Partnerships advising public entities, as well as experience in Market Due Diligence while directing research efforts in support of financial feasibility studies.  

Neill holds an MSRE in Real Estate Management from New York University, an MBA from University of Bradford and a BS in Finance from University – BS Finance from Salisbury University.

John Azar
Founder & Managing Partner

I wanted to create a dynamic company that can operate with agility, deep industry expertise and bandwidth and conduct business with our community of operators, syndicators, developers and of course investors with full alignment.   This alignment creates lasting relationships and success and allows us to be creative and effective in closing the right transactions.  We are excited for the future of our industry and here to be a trusted partner in that future

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